Yachting Network is a custom   Marine Carpentery  workshop , who craft  custom Yacht’s furniture,  Teak decking,  and   Yacht’s refitting.

  • Each order is customized  and produced to ensure seaworthiness first and foremost , and  mixed with our Italian style and craftsmanship expertise, will make your  order unique! Both for  interior or exterior furniture, than for a new Teak decking our job will size your request  for quality , material and  style.

  • Our jobs are realized to last in marine environment becouse we use only  selected  timber and  first class marine plywood, conform to British Standard B.S.1088 (Boil and Weather Proof) .The Teak for decking are always Asian golden quality, long grain and quarter sawn. And last but not least, all timber  and veneers  (expecially Teak) as well plywood and panels used in our Workshop, are controlled  as “legally harvested” and fully documented.

  • Each log,  plank or panel in our Workshop come from sustainable sources and are certified by F.S.C. (Forest stewardship Council)  or I.T.T.O. (International Tropical Timber Organization).

  • Our moder Workshop facility is supplied with last generation micro metric precision machinery and tools, and fulfil all requirements of Italian Government, both for working environment  and safety  for the Workers,.Whe promote ethical and sustainable production, In order to harmonize our activities with long-term preservation of the planet.We firmly believes that the conservation of tropical hardwoods for future generations will be achieved through sustainable forestry practices that are beneficial to the communities and to the ecological biodiversity

Choice Yachting Network means:

Yachting Network through the founder is in the Marine business for over 25 years, and in the last 10 years has successfully worked on a big number of private sail and motor yachts directly or on behalf of leading Boats yards.

  • Yachting Network ensures the cost of the finished work is equal to the budgeted and estimated  cost.

  • Yachting Network Craftsmen’s expertise and  our Workshop facility delivers exceptional quality and state-of-the art final works!.

  • The sourcing sourcing of high quality and selected Timber, (expecially certified Teak logs), Veneers and Plywoods panels is very challenging but we ensures the best quality for each single inquire.

To see some of the latest beautiful Yachting Network  custom projects, visit the Gallery section