Yachting Network Marine Workshop is managed by Mr. Luca Gentilini, Certificate as Master Craftsman in Marine Carpentry and joinery Registered at n0234565, by Municipality Commission of Chamber for Craftsmanship of Roma, Italy.

  •  Fine quality  Yacht’s furniture,  traditional and ultra-light sandwiches,

  • Such as: Cabins, Bathrooms, Galleys, (including Corian’s Galley top), inlaid Tables, Interior Floors, lamellar frames, Bulkheads, Teak gratings, and all kind of Yacht’s Cabinetry, produced both with Marine Plywood or ultra-light material such as Divinycell or Nomex sandwich,

  • Teak decking, Custom produced by our own Carpentery,  as detailed below:

  • Full Installation – Yachting Network’s craftsmen will template your yacht, and on the  patterns realize the decking parts back in the Workshop and provide the teak decking installation on-site. We specialize if requested, in continuous battens,  joined by ‘Finger joint’  and also  ‘Zero screw’ deck installations.

  • Teak Decking Kits – Built from your template, complete pre-fabricated Teak decking or cockpit, already caulked and sanded, are shipped to you for installation.(Ask for detail).
  • All parts for deck joinery,
  • Restoring, refitting and all renovating needs for  Old or Classic boats,

  • Survey and consulting (with estimates and steps to follow) for restoration of Yachts,
  • High standard fine custom furniture for luxury homes and Commercial business,